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Skin Two Issue 51Click for Additional Views and Colors

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Product ID: MBP-SKT51
Skin Two Issue 51

Euro Visions: a European photo special featuring Christophe Mourthé, Markus Richter, Gérard Musy, Ronny Thiele, Andreas Fux and Thomas van de Scheck. With fashion by BlackStyle and Bondinage, art by Andrew Bawidamann, and our appreciation of three all-time great fetish icons – Louise Brooks, Marlene Dietrich and Bettie Page Our Issue 51 cover combines several already successful partnerships in a brand new package, French photographer Christophe Mourthé has created some of his finest images working individually with models Zdenka Podkapova and Emily Marilyn, so the chance to shoot them both together in Paris was not something he was about to turn down. And what better to dress the occasion than some striking new black and white outfits from Bondinage, the latex line from London designer Stephen Fuller which made its debut in Skin Two 43, also modelled by Emily? It turned out to be a real winning combination! Sharing the photography honours with Christophe Mourthé for our main fashion coverage in this issue is Andreas Fux, whose work with BlackStyle, Germany’s biggest producers of latex clothing, has provided us with enough imaginatively shot men’s rubber to fill eight pages. And these two features by Mourthé and Fux headline a whole issue’s worth of exciting contributions from the European continent that go to make up our Euro Visions special. There’s photography from Gérard Musy, Markus Richter, Ronny Thiele and Thomas van de Scheck, fashion from NoPainNoGain… even an analysis of the new international bestselling SM book by French novelist Marthe Blau. Other important features in this issue are British writer Paul Copperwaite’s intriguing investigation of fetish icons, ably illustrated by Rachael Huntington, some fabulously cheeky fetish art from America’s Andrew Bawidamann, and an insider’s view of pervery by the seaside, provided by Shirin Hodgson-Watt. Our full list of features is as follows… - TWO’S NEW Skin Two Clothing returns with new lines and completely redesigned website - STORY OF EAU Asked to use Perrier Water in a shoot for an exclusive new French magazine, Gérard Musy has a very rubbery time - RUBBER RONNY He’s been doing fetish photography for less than a year, but Germany’s Ronny Thiele is wowing ’em with his talent - BABES IN THE ‘HOOD Artist Andrew Bawidamann’s saucy fetish babes drag fetish cheesecake well and truly into the 21st Century - TOP MARKUS It it’s sensual B&W photography from Germany, it must be Markus Richter! - SHOCK OF THE NU! Christophe Mourthé and Emily Marilyn team up again, this time to create our cover feature on the joys of Bondinage - BLACK BERG BlackStyle is not just Germany’s biggest maker of latex – it also makes possible Andreas Fux’s great images of its clothes - ICONS OF PERVERSITY Who are the real fetish icons? Paul Copperwaite argues for Brooks, Dietrich and Page. Art by Rachael Huntington - LIFE’S A BEACH And then you dye… your hair. Shirin Hodgson-Watt reveals the highs and lows of being an English seaside perv Plus our all your favourite regular sections…

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