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Skin Two Issue 21 
Product ID: MBP-SKT21
Skin Two Issue 21

Just Do It! FEATURES # Night on the Tiles - Insect Corp invade Submission # Diva Bizarre - Medusa faces Diamanda Galas # Storm in a D-Cup - A corset collecton to die for from Stormy Leather # Women who Dare - Submissive Women Special # In Praise of Bolder Women - Medusa salutes women who demand to be dominated # Box Fresh - Shoe fashion by Trevor Watson and Debbie Griffin # Bad Girls - Four feisty females give an insight into the mind of the minx # Wet Dreams - Rebekah Wood meets notorious photographer Gilles Berquet # Killer Queen - Italy's fiercest female artist Susi Medusa Gottardi # Slaves to the Rhythm - Doralba Picerno shoots the scene's musical talent # Medieval Masochism - Julia Collings investigates historical SM literature # Grand Hotel - A photo story of love, kinks and money fro Finland's Kinky Club team

Our Price: USD $34.99
27.64 GBP 31.84 EUR

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